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With Dispatch Experts, you no longer need to hunt the load boards for well-paying reefer loads. We work with shippers and brokers to secure loads that require an excellent and reliable driver, so you can focus more on your driving and less on your operations.

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With repeated business from shippers needing a reefer, we can ensure that you stay on schedule to create a robust business model for your company. There are no contracts and no minimum loads in order to work with us.

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Depending on what you’re able to carry and where you’re able to go, our dispatchers will work hard to get you from empty load to paid for your service. Request a callback from Dispatch Experts to get started with our experienced team.

our customers say

Jose Jonzalez

Jose Jonzalez

It's a pleasure to work with Dispatch Experts. I want to continue working with Dispatch Experts. Thank you to all employees.

Edgar Araya

Edgar Araya

I advise you to work with Dispatch Experts, which has great experience in the transportation industry. They're so reliable and transparent and often offer higher rates. I guarantee Dispatch Expert's excellent and professional reputation.

Luis Castro

Luis Castro

I'm glad to work with Tony from Dispatch Experts. They always find good loads for me. Thank you so much.

frequently asked questions

How do I start getting loads?

Since there are no contracts, the only action required is to fill out a “request a call back” form on our website and one of our trained onboarding professionals will contact you within 1 business day.

How long does the setup with Dispatch Experts take?

Typically, setups can be completed within 24 hours, provided all necessary documents are sent in advance.

Do I need my own MC authority?

Yes, you will need your own MC authority. At Dispatch Experts, we have strict policies when it comes to transparency and FMCSA regulations.

What type of equipment does Dispatch Experts move?

The main list of equipment is as follows; Dry Van, Reefer, Box truck, Flatbed, Step Deck, Power Only. The full list can be provided by one of our onboarding specialists.

How Much Does it cost?

The standard charge is 7%, however, all our fees are capped at 300USD. Please contact an onboarding specialist for details.

Are there any commitments?

NO! There are absolutely no long or short-term commitments, minimum number of loads, or any obligations. Accounts can be voided with a phone call or email at any time.

Can I decline a load?

Yes! You can decline as many loads as you like there are no minimum fees and/obligations. The purpose of our service is to provide an exact match to our carriers’ individual preferences without any commitments.

Does DE help with invoicing and how do I get paid?

Your invoicing and collection support is included in our services at NO additional cost. Since we provide original Rate cons, you will get paid directly from Shippers and/or Brokers

What is a factoring company?

Since Brokers/Shippers can take up to 60 days to pay for invoices, Factoring organizations will purchase your invoices and provide funding in as little as “ same day”. For additional details and references, please contact our onboarding specialists.


thank you

We will get back to you asap!


Outstanding Dispatching Services

What sets us apart from other dispatch services? Well, we’ve got professional dispatchers with years of experience in the industry and we understand that in order to run a successful business, you need to maximize the time that you spend earning and minimize the losses and downtime that is associated with looking for your next load, shipper or location. Plus, we ensure repeat revenue from long-term relationships with our shippers.

Top Market Loads

We put the time and energy into cultivating great working relationships--with our drivers and also our shippers. This means that we’re negotiating the best rate that we can for you and we’re able to coordinate with our shippers to keep them updated on their load, keeping them happy while you focus on the road.

Loads Suitable for Your Reefer

As a specialized service, we know that your reefer truck and all the skills you have, should fetch a reasonable and secure rate. With cargo that is often delicate like food and drinks, pharmaceuticals, fresh flowers, and more, these deliveries usually can’t afford delays. Giving your shipper peace of mind while you’re on the road can be a challenging task while you’re already moving as efficiently as you can. Let us keep up frequent communication with the shipper, and help you navigate routes in real time so that you and the cargo make it to your destination safe and on time. We also have connections for reefer loads, and can help with everything from selecting and picking up the loads, to planning routes to handling invoicing and payment. Once you’re registered with us, you can start picking up either dry or reefer loads from shippers that trust our service. Your reefer is a costly investment, so it’s all the more important that you minimize deadhead and take advantage of the market’s demands for refrigerated loads. We’ll help you maintain and grow your roster of shippers so that you will have a stable income to help pay off your reefer truck. We can get you started with reliable loads so that you can continue building your business with minimal points of stagnation